Duration: 1 week (5 Days)
Price £750.00 inc VAT (includes all course materials)

English for Cabin Crew

The ICARUS Wings English for Cabin Crew course is specifically designed for Cabin Crew to aid them in developing the English language in a way that they can deliver the highest standard of service to passengers in all situations.

This one week course is divided into 8 modules with a final test at the end of which students will receive a valid certificate stating their English language level in both CEF (Common European Framework) and Oxford/Cambridge formats. This course will involve several practical sessions including interaction with pilots in the simulator, especially during emergency situations such as dealing with a medical or technical/mechanical emergency.


Module 1 – Introduction to Cabin Crew
Module 2 – Pre-flight
Module 3 – Boarding
Module 4 – Cabin Services and Amenities
Module 5 – Health and Medical Issues
Module 6 – Safety and Emergencies
Module 7 – Descent, Landing and Layover
Module 8 – Getting a Job
Final test and presentation of certificate

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Duration: 1 week (5 Days)
Price £750.00 inc VAT (includes all course materials)

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