Duration: 1 week (5 Days)
Price: £1170.00 + VAT (includes all course materials)

FCL Failed Exam Recuperation (Language Proficiency)

The ICARUS Wings FCL Failed Exam Recuperation (Language Proficiency) course is specifically designed for pilots who have failed their ICAO Language Proficiency Exam and have obtained a non-operational level (ICAO Level 3 or below).

This is a one week course divided into 8 modules and 6 hours of practical application sessions conducted in a state of the art FTD flight simulator – Boeing 737-800 or Airbus A320. At the end of the week the pilot will be ready to re-sit the exam and should be able to obtain a minimum operational pass level (ICAO Level 4). Each pilot will have an individual assessment during the course focusing on strengths and weaknesses to better prepare the student to pass the exam.


Module 1 – Introduction to Air Communication
Module 2 – Pre-flight
Module 3 – Ground Movements
Module 4 – Departure, Climbing and Cruising
Module 5 – En Route Events
Module 6 – Contact and Approach
Module 7 – Landing
Module 8 – On the Ground

Simulator Practice

Requesting pre-flight information
Communication with ground teams/ramp assistants
Requesting ‘push and start’; taxi clearance
Completion of pre-flight, taxi and pre-take-off checklists
Requesting line-up and take-off clearance
High Speed RTO
Communicating a ‘Mayday’ and describing the emergency
Managing abnormal situations including in-flight emergencies

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Duration: 1 week (5 Days)
Price: £1170.00 + VAT (includes all course materials)

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