Flight Enthusiasts Training Course / Flight Simulator

Duration approx. 25 hours (10 weeks)
Price £599.00

Flight Enthusiasts Course

Our Flight Enthusiasts course is designed specifically for those individuals who have a passion for flying and/or aviation but are not particularly seeking a career in the industry. Based on the Pilots Foundation Course but structured and set at a more appropriate and less intensive level, the Flight Enthusiasts course is intended to deliver a fascinating and engaging insight into the world of aviation whilst also providing a solid understanding and appreciation of the skills, knowledge and attributes required of a modern professional pilot.

Structured in a modular fashion and conveniently delivered in the form of evening or weekend sessions, the Flight Enthusiasts course provides a uniquely enjoyable and engaging mix of theoretical classroom based learning combined with practical application sessions conducted in our state of the art FTD flight simulators.

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Duration approx. 10 hours (4 weeks)
Price £299.00

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