Duration approx. 40 hours (9 weeks)
Price £995.00

Pilot Foundation Course

Our Pilot foundation course is preparatory training for individuals who would like to consider pursuing a career as a professional pilot but may currently have only limited knowledge as to what the journey will actually entail. The course will introduce you to the fundamental principals of professional pilot training and better prepare you for the more formal stages of the pathway ahead both in terms of initial cadet selection and understanding the core subject matter you will subsequently encounter on your full ATPL course.

Structured in a modular fashion and conveniently delivered in the form of evening or weekend sessions, the Pilot Foundation course provides a uniquely engaging mix of theoretical classroom based learning combined with practical application sessions conducted in our state of the art FTD flight simulators. Our continual assessment format is based on actual EASA ATPL criteria and questions.


Module 1 – Theory of Flight
Module 2 – Controlling the Aircraft
Module 3 – Air Law and Air Traffic Control
Module 4 – Meteorology
Module 5 – Navigation

Module 6 – Flight Planning
Module 7 – Aircraft Performance
Module 8 – Weight(Mass) and Balance
Module 9 – Human Factors

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Duration approx. 40 hours (9 weeks)
Price £995.00

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